Economic Ways to Repair, Replace, or Restore Appliances

When investing, we realize all capital should be used for the best quality projects.  Setting a budget and staying with it, ensures a cost-effective project for all concerned.  Finding ways to be economical while maintaining excellent quality standards takes time and research. Providing quality appliances is a must for resalable fix and flips or for long term rental properties. A ‘move-in ready’ feeling can make a sale more quickly than bare kitchen walls.

It is not necessary to provide top of the line technical savvy appliances to fulfill this need. Appliances that are modern, clean, and in good working order will fill the bill for many fix and flip or rental projects. Small imperfections that do not affect the working of the appliance can mean a substantial discount.

Recycling and repurposing appliances helps the buyer and the environment for a win-win proposition. Looking for profit and non-profit agencies in the area that specialize in cleaning and reconditioning appliances is an awesome way to start.  If there is not a specific appliance recycler, often agencies that repurpose all building materials handle appliances.

Organizations can help keep a project in budget while keeping appliances out of the landfill:

Habitat for Humanity’s Restore

One national agency, Habitat for Humanity’s Restore accepts donations of gently used household items that can be reconditioned/reused/resold. They recognize the need for quality housing at affordable prices. They may provide additional incentives for fix and flip or rental property projects. Contact Habitat for Humanity for more information.


Online dealerships such as ApplianceXChange allow persons to post free ads for their used appliances. Dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, or other items are easily searchable on their site. When appliances are needed to finish a project, these websites can save hundreds or thousands of dollars with the supply that is available at any given time.


While in the planning stage, estimating the cost to repair/replace appliances can be a major factor. Keeping an estimate as close to the dollar as possible, ensures a profitable outcome. Using sites such as will deliver useful guidance for repairs, cost guides, and maintenance. Samples forms for projects could include refinishing, repairing, replacing, or upgrading to create a cost-effective alternative to buying all new state of the art items.


Many areas of the country need professionals who will work together to rebuild and restore distressed properties to their former glory. Investing in projects to help restore neighborhoods provides jobs and increases the value of the surrounding properties. Environmentally speaking, reconditioning properties into useful rental properties is a way to contribute to a local economy and keep it strong. Fix and flip restoration projects can save time and money to create a profitable business model.