Cost-Efficient Flooring Options For Renovations

When considering a fix and flip or rental renovation, flooring will be one of the most expensive areas for replacement. In times past, many contractors found the cheapest grade carpet or vinyl available to make a ‘quick sale’. Savvy buyers are not likely to purchase a property with substandard materials. Reputation means everything. Flooring or any building materials should not be compromised strictly due to cost. Affordable does not have to mean cheap.

Affordable Flooring Options:

  • Broadloom Commercial Carpeting
    Broadloom carpeting can be a choice for areas of low foot traffic. Most commercial carpeting has a short nap and is easily vacuumed and steam cleaned. A wide variety of colors, prints and styles can be utilized to maximize tenant/buyer appeal.
  • Commercial Carpet Tiles
    Carpet tiles can be installed more easily and with less waste than broadloom carpeting. Tiles are more suited to high traffic areas since they can be replaced individually without replacing the entire floor. They can be combined with other flooring types to create a unique touch.
  • Vinyl
    Though vinyl has been associated with cheap renovations in the past, newer materials help vinyl become a durable choice. Once only available only as sheets, vinyl can be purchased as tiles or planks which reduce waste. Vinyl is water resistant and can mimic more expensive types of flooring such as ceramic tile, hardwoods, or marble. Some companies can reproduce any texture photo or print into a vinyl design. Advances in mass production printing and finishing can create a stylish flooring option at a fraction of the cost.Persons with allergies and other medical conditions often seek carpet alternatives increasing the chance of project resale if vinyl is used. Fix and flip projects or rental renovations which are built with future pet occupancy in mind, can utilize vinyl as a selling point.
  • Cork
    Using cork is like blending of the best aspects of carpet and vinyl. Cork has a non-slip texture wet or dry. It offers shock absorbing qualities that rival broadloom or carpet tiles. It offers allergy protection and can be purchased in many colors and finishes. As most people are concerned with environmental issues, cork is obtained from sustainable materials.
  • Commercial Laminate Flooring
    Some of the most highly visual areas of the project can be completed economically with laminate flooring. Though more expensive than other listed choices, laminate offers a more expensive look with natural textures and colors. Planks or tiles come in a variety of sizes to help minimize waste.

Final Thoughts on Flooring

Anticipated foot traffic, type of buyer/user such as young couples or the elderly, climate issues, and local codes should be taken into consideration before any final decisions for flooring options are chosen. In areas where dampness, high humidity, flooding, forest fires, or other natural conditions regularly occur the correct choice of flooring type can make a noticeable difference to the profitability of the project.